The Most Eminent Options For Area Rug Finishing

In case you are looking to purchase a carpet runner or area rug handcrafted out of broadloom, then there are a few alternatives available for you to choose from regarding how your area rug should be crafted along its edges. Your carpet’s sides need to be well finished to avoid fraying or disentangling. Fraying occurs on many unfinished carpets while unraveling happens in incomplete loop style carpets like Berbers. You need to fix the frayed carpets as soon as possible to save it from getting ruined.

The most prominent carpet finishing options include:

  • Serging
  • Fringing
  • Binding


Binding is usually the most straightforward and least expensive technique for carpet edge finishing. Binding the edges of a carpet includes wrapping the fabric’s strip (for the most part made using either cotton or polyester) around the carpet’s edge and sewing it up in place. It is done using a carpet binder (a carpet binding machine.) 

The two main upsides of binding are: 

  1. It is relatively cheap, and it also comes in a wide variety of choices for you to choose from. There is an apparently unlimited color selection when it comes to binding, implying that virtually any shade of your cover can be coordinated. By coordinating it with the tone of your carpet, the edge of the carpet does not emerge too much, and the binding also blends in with your carpet. 
  2. You can also choose a different color for an accent; however, the binding is so thin (around one-fourth of an inch) such that the general effect is somewhat unusual. 


Serging takes after a hand-sewn look, in spite of the fact that it is regularly done using a machine. Serging also takes a thick fiber wrapped around the edge of the carpet consistently. It is frequently considered to give a high-end look compared to binding, and it is generally observed on pre-made (manufactured) area rugs. 

Serging is likewise available in a wide variety of colors, albeit many areas may have fewer options in serging colors compared to binding colors. Serging is generally considered to be more costly as compared to binding.


Fringing is to some degree an iconic finishing option on many area rugs. A lot of people can picture the fringe on the short end of the area rug: long tufts, usually of grayish or white color. 

In hand-knotted area rugs, the fringe is essential, as it acts as the edge of the “spine” of the area rug. However, on machine made area rugs, the fringe is just in place for appearance and serves no real need. 

While most individuals appreciate the look of an area rug with a fringe finish, there are a lot of other people who think of it as a nuisance. It makes it a bit of a hassle to vacuum the area rug, as the finishes get sucked and tangled into the vacuum. Furthermore, the fringe is quickly soiled and stained, and usually hard to clean. 

Fringing is typically more costly than serging or binding.