Giving Your Place A Tactile Note

Our senses are perfectly matched and synchronized to help us in observing or understanding the nature and the character of our surroundings. 

Every surface has its texture, that can be either tactile or visual. Tactile textures are correlated to the feelings we get while we touch such surfaces. They are also connected somehow with our memories and experiences about particular materials with similar surfaces. We often get flashbacks of similar textures that we saw somewhere else before.

To create more visually appealing spaces, every designer has to solve and sort all elements of design into a compact ‘product’ that would provoke curiosity in the eyes of the observers.

Deep Pile Vs. Short Pile Rugs

Rugs enhance the space with its different textures and designs.  When you think about adding some more texture to your interiors, the most important thing is to pay attention to the type of piles that a specific rug has. 

The depth of the piles determines the softness and the tactility that a single rug could have. If you want to improve the tactility of the space and add some textures, you just need to keep an eye on the deeply piled rugs. This way, you’ll never make a mistake in your choices.

Braided Rugs To The Rescue

If you would like to boost the quality of your space, then you should think of purchasing some of the many textured types of rugs for your place. Undoubtedly, one of them has to be a braided rug, as it is the most commonly used home décor. Braided rugs look vintage, funky and modern at the same time. 

The good news is -they’re easy to be made at home, as a DIY-project. You can shred some of your old T-shirts or sheets and easily braid them into a perfect rug. 


Many people who prefer the Industrial style of décor might like the rugs made from ropes. They are simple, classic and easy to combine with colors and shapes. The most important thing for this type of rug is that the combination of different colors and various techniques of braiding can give the space a whole new tactile dimension. 

Shag Rugs At Your Service

Shag carpeting originated in Central Asia or more precisely, The Middle East. The first shag rugs were made from goatskin, and they belonged to people from the high-class societies. As the time passed by, their use as home décor slowly started to decrease, but nowadays these rugs once again have become ‘an object of interest.’

For all those people who adore diving their feet in a soft, shaggy and plush surface, having a furry shag area rug in your home could be the most significant perk of all. Shag rugs are as soft as cotton and placing your feet on such a surface would feel like heaven. 

When in doubt about the details, always choose to add more texture to the interior. Textures make the places comfortable, warm and luxurious. They add a deeper dimension to the whole interior and transform the room into your plush and cozy sanctuary.